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Introducing MRC's Loco Genie ™

First Look at MRC's Loco Genie ™


  • Run multiple trains simultaneously on the same track with no block wiring
  • Wirelessly manage lights, sounds, speed and direction
  • Depending on the Loco Genie chosen, you’ll select from multiple prime mover and steam sounds, as well as bell, horns/whistles.
  • No complex programming or addressing. No DCC system to buy*
  • Easy to use. Plug the receiver into your loco. Activate the transmitter. Turn on your DC or AC power supply and start running.
*If you already run DCC, or at a later date you decide to go DCC, Loco Genie’s receiver-decoder works like a regular DCC decoder, and gives you the added advantage of wireless control.

021500 Loco Genie - Steam Manual
021700 Loco Genie - Diesel Manual