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MRC Train Controls & Sound Systems

MRC has been pioneering train control technology for more than 60 years. Our train controls and sound systems are industry leaders in numerous categories. We are also the largest after-market maker of DC and AC train controls. The company’s Prodigy DCC systems are widely acknowledged as cutting-edge, yet they are the easiest to use. We also have one of the broadest lines of DCC sound decoders, including 16-bit HO and N scale decoders, both drop-n and Universal. Most complete with speakers.

Latest Retail Price List: MRC Pricelist as of Jan 2021

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JTT Scenery Products

There was a time when JTT was demanded just for the impressive detail of its miniature trees, so authentic they were awarded a U.S. Patent. Some feature exposed roots, 3D-like bark and finely defined leaves. We've added flowering plants, hedges and vegetables, like corn stalks, cabbages, tomatoes, ferns, sunflowers and dozens more with colors and textures matched only by nature.

JTT Garden Craft Kits

JTT's Garden Crafts collection is a unique decor project. Whether you're a crafts person or just someone with a little imagination, you can create stunning decor for home or office. The Garden Craft Kit has all the landscaping you need. Depending on the kit you select, you'll find trees, ground cover, flowers, vegetables, a rock garden, even a scale bench or deer. Use your own container, a favorite bowl, ceramic pot, old lantern, a piece of driftwood. Then let your imagination fly.

Latest Catalog: JTT Catalog Version: 9
Latest Retail Price List: JTT Price List as of Jun 2020

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Academy Models

At Academy, a “Passion for Precision” is not simply a catchphrase, it’s a way of life. From researching original blueprints to latest CAD and 3D modeling, Academy’s passion to mimic life is legendary. Sometimes you’ll see it in a kit’s extensive number of parts. Or the interior detail of a tank. Or the careful crease in a uniform. Helicopters with accurate armament. Flight decks with magnificent scale aircraft. Our mastery of the little things is legendary. The breadth of the line is no less extraordinary. Military airplanes, helicopters, armor and figures. Warships and ships. All in an assortment of popular scales and historic periods. All created with a “Passion for Precision.”

The da Vinci Series

Fun to build and operate, these plastic models require no glue, tools or paint to finish. Based on da Vinci's early designs, each demonstrates his mechanical genius. Fully functional, they deliver an enjoyable edu-tainment experience for children age 7 through adulthood and make excellent shelf or desk displays.

Latest Catalog: Academy Catalog 2020
Latest Retail Price List: Academy Pricelist as of Jul 2021

Italeri Plastic Model Kits

Italeri was founded in the early 60's, with that enthusiasm that only the unbridled passion of youth can create. Since they were boys, the two founders of Italeri loved airplanes and military vehicles. Soon they were no longer satisfied with the models available at the time: they wanted something more and better. What they wanted was not available, so they decided to produce it themselves. Their hobby turned into an accurate research, and became the motivating force to produce the models that modelers want, with no imperfections whatsoever. Thus the company asserted itself, always increasing his range of products and growing. Also thanks to the imagination and the talent of the founders and of their colleagues, Italeri in time became a leader in modeling, finding its place on the international market.

Latest Catalog: Italeri 2021 Collection Preview
Latest Retail Price List:
Italeri Pricelist as of Jul. 2021

HobbyBoss Plastic Model Kits

HobbyBoss brings us over 600 plastic model kits, specializing in Military Aircraft, Military Vehicles, Warships, Submarines, Military Figures and Accessories.

Latest Retail Price List: HobbyBoss Pricelist as of May 2021

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Schuco Die Cast Vehicles

For more than a century, Schuco has been creating museum quality, die cast vehicle replicas. The collection includes popular 1/87 HO scale American models from the 50s, 60s and 70s as well as a wide range of exotic and historic European autos. Each comes with a hard plastic, stackable display case.

The European selection embraces Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Volkswagen and more. The American die cast replicas include classic autos like the '53 Caddy, '55 Chevy Bel Air, '64 Ford Mustang, '56 Ford F-100 Pick-up and even a '70 Plymouth Hemi-Barracuda.

These heavy die cast metal autos feature rubber tires and, accurate wheel reproduction. Depending on the specific vehicle, you'll find separately applied features like bumpers, headlights, grilles and other details

Latest Retail Price List: Schuco Pricelist as of Jul 2020

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Clever Paper

Clever Paper brand products are the perfect inexpensive and easy to build additions to your railroad layout or diorama. The models are an authentic appearance and are historically accurate and complete. They are easily assembled with no glue or scissors are required.

Latest Retail Price List: Clever Paper as of Jan 2021

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Easy Model

These detailed, plastic models are factory assembled and hand painted. Whether you’re a model builder with limited time, a collector who appreciates detail, or a history buff, Easy Model fits the bill. Aircraft panel lines are delicate, rivets precise, ships and armor accurately engraved. And they are all ready for immediate display. There are hundreds to choose from including 1/35 figures, 1/72 planes-WWII prop driven as well as jets- 1/72 tanks, 1/700 and 1/250 warships-subs and surface vessels..

Latest Retail Price List: Easy Model Pricelist as of Oct 2020

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The Genie Series by MRC

Compatible with all model railroad scales, as well as DC, DCC and AC operating systems. Light Genie controls railroad and other hobby lighting with advanced radio control technology. It offers more than 20 different lighting effects and a wireless range of 90 ft. Applications include crossing gate lights, roadside flares, emergency vehicles, warning lights, 3-signal traffic lights and more. Light Genie is also perfect for plastic kit modelers, sci-fi modelers, dollhouse builders and school projects.

Latest Retail Price List: MRC Pricelist as of Jan 2021