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If you’re thinking about buying a
DCC system, NEXXT is a transformative leap forward in DCC technology.
It is still easy to use including
many new features. It also allows you to use as many or as few as you like of the multitude of new control options.
  • NEXXT allows you to use up to 10239 addresses
  • NEXXT uses Wi-Fi powered throttles for unsurpassed, untethered control with 60+ft. of range
  • NEXXT offers a large multicolor screen. It delivers data in an easy to read, multicolor format
  • NEXXT can create a roster with both road number and names using our Throttle to type alpha-numeric characters. It does even more. Just read on to see what is capable with our Throttle and Command Station
NEXXT Systems include a Wi-Fi Throttle with brilliant, multi-color screen, a Command Station with 5 sustained amps of power and a heavy-duty power supply.

The following features of the system’s Wi-Fi Throttle, Command Station and Gateway will give you a glimpse of what the most creative, transformative, yet easy-to-use model railroading DCC system can provide.

Seventy-five years ago, MRC took rudimentary model train controls and added advances and refinements for speed and realism that never existed. Our engineers were instrumental in creating DC and AC units that included technology like momentum control, new slow speed circuitry, smooth speed transition, sustained power and decades of proven quality and dependability.

When DCC entered the picture, the available systems often required you to understand thick instruction manuals in order to enjoy many of the benefits of DCC. MRC was able to devise advanced features and smart design techniques that not only pushed DCC to the next frontier, but made it easy to operate. And we did it without giving up an iota of advanced technology. Our designs are so elegantly conceived we’re able to print operating instructions on the back of many of our throttles so you can start enjoying and mastering the benefits of DCC almost immediately. As the technology leader, MRC’s advances in control systems have attracted thousands of new modelers to the hobby. Today, our NEXXT DCC system propels DCC technology forward once more. Our multi-field roster allows you to store lots more information. Among other things, instead of just being able to put in the loco number, you can now include loco name, functions being utilized, speed step selected and even more. And because NEXXT is compatible with the latest in LCC, when you’re ready, you can experience additional realism and enjoyment from your railroad.


  • Support for DCC locomotive addresses from 1 to 10239
  • allows for DCC Accessory decoder addresses from 1-2048
  • upports 14, 28, or 128 speed steps
  • Delivers up to 69 DCC loco functions; such as various lighting, sounds, smoke etc. for each locomotive
  • Large, integrated multi-color 2.8” display screen
  • Integrated, rechargeable battery lasting up to eight hours between charges
  • Function numbers for a loco can be changed to words. For example, F3 can read as ditch lights on the multi color screen Prodigy Users Take Note! Compatible with both Prodigy Advance/Express base stations with the use of the NEXXT Gateway* device.
  • Throttle control range 60 ft. or more
  • On screen keyboard for adding alpha-numeric data
  • Easy-to-follow instructions built into the Throttle for easy access
  • Yard or mainline operations
  • Turnout routing to control multiple switches at one push of a button

*See Gateway information.


  • Up to 150 concurrently running locomotives
  • Up to 99 Prodigy throttles supported via the Gateway
  • LCC Wi-Fi throttles can be used via the Gateway or additional Wi-Fi access points
  • Integrated booster with user configurable current limit of ± 500mA to 5 Amps for the Main track
  • Additional power boosters can be added for larger layouts that require additional power
  • Built-in Roster has fields for road number, loco name, functions utilized in each loco, speed steps used by the loco. So much more information than simply adding a loco number! (Up to 63 characters for a name, 64 for a description)
  • Roster can have functions changed from a number to a written description that can appear in the multi color screen on your NEXXT Throttle. You can also hide the description if you wish
  • Dedicated programming track output supporting Direct (bit/byte), Paged, and Register modes
  • Integrated Global RailCom® detector for the Main track
  • Integrated RailCom® detector for compatible boosters via the Power Station interface
  • Automatic locomotive registration in the locomotive roster upon first use or placement on the track (requires RailCom® enabled decoder)
  • Supports multiple consist models: Basic (all decoders share same address), Advanced (CV19), Universal (Command Station or throttle managed)
  • Dual RJ45 jack for LCC communication through CAN bus
  • Support for various DCC boosters through LCC Cable/Adapters
  • Fast Clock with multiple settings

Additional advanced features to be announced.


The MRC Gateway provides a portal to the future for the MRC Prodigy Advance, MRC Prodigy Advance2 and MRC Prodgy Express2 base stations. Through the Gateway, you can control trains and track connected accessories using either wired or wireless Prodigy throttles, and/or our NEXXT Wi-Fi Throttle or some other Wi Fi throttle brand via either WI Throttle or LCC protocols.


  • Two Prodigy RJ45 Cab sockets to permit connecting to Prodigy tethered throttles to the network
  • Two LCC RJ45 sockets for connection to LCC CAN bus network
  • Status indicators for Power, LCC bus activity and Wi-Fi connection status
  • Integrated WI Throttle server supporting a maximum of ten concurrently connected cabs
  • Integrated LCC Hub supporting a maximum of three concurrently connected LCC nodes via Wi-Fi
  • Integrated web server providing a configuration portal and system status display
  • LCC Broadcast Time Protocol (Allows Prodigy fast clock to be seen or operate all components in the network)
  • Allows easy connection to JMRI for Prodigy and capable DCC Systems
  • Firmware updates as the system grows in new features. No returning the system for upgrades
  • Bi-directional translation of Prodigy Cab Bus to LCC Traction Control Protocol


A Word about LCC (Layout Command Control). LCC is an NMRA approved and open source peer-to-peer control system standard that allows for control and automation of your layout accessories and even the trains. It is not a requirement to use NEXXT, but it is nice to know that if you wish to fully embrace LCC or just dabble, NEXXT DCC is compatible.

NOTE: Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.