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Newcomers Dilemma… if you’re a new hobbyist ready to jump into model railroading, but you’re not sure whether to go DC or DCC take a look at Prodigy Explorer. It allows you to bypass conventional DC power packs and go directly to enjoying the advantages of DCC. Moderately priced and easy for the beginner to use, it delivers a long list of benefits, here are a few.

Prodigy Express2... designed for the modeler who wants more sophistication, this unit is easy to use and has a boat load of most wanted DCC features, many of which are found in MRC’s top of the line units. You’ll also enjoy its moderate price.

Prodigy Advance2 If you're a multi-user, multi-cab club with a complex layout and you're ready to take advantage of everything DCC can offer, Prodigy Advance2 is the system for you. It delivers the most wanted advantages and benefits, it is without a doubt the ultimate DCC experience.

Prodigy Advance2 Wireless… opens a floodgate of possibilities. Buy as a standalone system or as an add-on for Prodigy Express, Prodigy Advance 2., and the new Prodigy Elite 10 amp DCC system. Prodigy Wireless’ handheld allows you to easily program, acquire and run locos, and manage all accessories. Prodigy Wireless delivers the benefits and mobility of a full function, duplex wireless system with exceptional range.

Prodigy Advance2

Prodigy Advance2 Wireless

Prodigy Elite… offering a massive 10 amps of controlled power for DCC operation, Prodigy Elite handles G gauge consists with ease, while also being able to safely run HO, N and other gauges. It’s ideal for large clubs and extensive outdoor layouts. The system includes console, handheld with backlit display and external 10 amp regulated power supply.

Prodigy Elite

Prodigy Elite Wireless