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MRC has sold millions of train controls and sound systems in the past 60 years. Our sophisticated engineering is compatible with loco longevity and designed for realistic performance. As the world’s leader in model train control & sound system technology, we bring optimum realism to your railroad and maximum enjoyment to your hobby.

0001201 Tech 6 Sound Controller 6.0
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Find out what the competition doesn't want you to know about MRC sound decoders...

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Innovation and Technology...

As we’ve done for the past six decades, MRC continues to pioneer new concepts in DC, AC and DCC train controls and sound technology. Depending on the model, these newest units deliver features that include big power, slow, slow speed circuitry, life-like special effects like momentum, the authenticity that comes with MRC’s Accutec Technology™, and so much more. MRC Train Controls provide the uncommon realism that maximizes railroading enjoyment.


DC Power








Tech 7 is our newest DC series... three units that let you select the power, features and price that best suits your needs.



Big power additions include our DC Throttlepack 9900 (80 watts) and DC Throttlepack 9950 (125 watts) which features a backlit LCD for readout of current and voltage. Both units provide a jack for the use of an optional handheld controller.




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On the fence about DCC? Explore MRC’s Prodigy Explorer DCC. Controls up to 4 trains on one track. Handles up to 28 functions. It’s upgradeable, affordable. And offers an unprecedented ease of operation.





DCC Prodigy Elite 10A... ten massive amps of power for the muscle to run the largest club layout and handle multiple O scale lashups with ease... Dozens of features including a backlit LCD that shows voltage, amps and fastclock. Complete with handheld and 10 amp regulated power supply.




Sound Decoders... see what's new in our Enhanced 16-bit "Preferred Sound" decoder series.


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AC Power





Throttlepack AC 100. .. 100 watts of continuous AC power, no slowdown, no hesitation when the bell or whistle are activated.


Throttlepack AC w/ LCD 150 Watts Compatible with all O/S scale 3 rail trains and for both Lionel and MTH sound locomotives. Its back lit LCD meter provides a digital read out of the voltage and current output.




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Sound Systems







See our versatile selection of Sound Systems that can add immeasurable realism and enjoyment to your hobby.






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