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80330 1/48 FM-2 Wildcat
80330 1/48 FM-2 Wildcat

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Scale: 1/48
Brand: Hobbyboss

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1/48 FM-2 Wildcat

More than 4000 FM-2 Wildcats were built by between 1943 - 1945. These aircraft incorporated a lighter airframe and a more powerful engine. This meant there was a physical design difference between the F4F and the FM-2. The FM-2 had a taller vertical tail for stability to counter the increased torque of the engine. Armament consisted of 4 - .50 cal. guns, 2 - external bomb or fuel racks and air to ground rocket launch points on the wings. These aircraft were primarily operated from escort carriers to support ground operations in the Pacific theater of operations. These same aircraft were teamed with Avengers and used in anti-sub operations in the Atlantic against U-boats.

Item No 80330
Item Name FM-2 Wildcat
Bar Code 6939319203304
Scale 1:48
Item Type Static Aircraft
Model Dimension ●Length: 256.4mm ●Wingspan: 350.6mm
Camouflage Scheme 1) VC-36 USS CORE Atlantic 1944
2) VC-10 USS GAMBIER BAY October 1944