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New!  707456 1:72 M1132 Stryker Engineer Squad Vehicle w/SOB
707456 1:72 M1132 Stryker Engineer Squad Vehicle w/SOB



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Retail Price: $37.99
Scale: 1/72

Product Code: 707456

707456 1:72 M1132 Stryker Engineer Squad Vehicle w/SOB

The Engineer Support Vehicle [ESV], one of eight proposed Stryker variants, has the same power as the Stryker infantry carrier vehicle, making it easier for engineers to negotiate rough terrain. The unit's older vehicle made keeping up with the infantry a challenge. That hindered the mission. They couldn't see through the dust. But now, they can negotiate the same terrain. Aside from power, the ESV shares other similarities with its Stryker brethren. Like other Strykers, it's equipped with two Javelin missiles and a .50-caliber remote weapon station that allows the gunner to fire from inside the vehicle. It also comes equipped with a video camera, allowing the driver to see what's going on outside the vehicle. Additionally, the squad leader has a touch-screen display that allows him to see what both the gunner and driver see.
The ESV provides the Engineer Squad with highly mobile, protected transport to decisive locations on the battlefield to provide the required mobility and limited counter mobility support to the BCT. Integrated into the ESV are current obstacle neutralization and lane marking systems and mine detection devices.

Item Type Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model Brief Length: 108mm Width: 32mm
Total Parts 90+
Total Sprues 4 sprues , lower hull , upper hull and tires