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707333 1:72 Chinese FDZ Manned Submersible
707333 1:72 Chinese FDZ Manned Submersible

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Scale: 1/72

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707333 1:72 Chinese FDZ Manned Submersible

Launched in 2016, FEN DOU ZHE is the full ocean deep manned submersible with the capabilities of supporting longest seabed operation time, providing extraordinary operational performance and accommodating largest number of passengers per time. Its localization rate of key components exceeds 96.5%. Its research and development team has developed a cutting-edge operational capability by targeting extreme environment, carrying out super design and through ultimate manufacturing. With the maximum diving depth of 10,909m, its 10,000-meter sea trials were completed successfully in 2020. It has been applied since 2021, which marks that 10,000-meter manned submergence formally enters into the era of conventional scientific research.
Maximum operating depth: 11000m
Principal dimension: 10.2Χ3.2Χ4.4(m)
Weight in air: 36t
Passenger: 1 pilot, 2 scientists
Life support: 15hr(normal),72hr(emergency)
Speed: 1 knot(cruising), 2.5 knots (maximum)
Power: lithium battery, approx. 100kwh
Payload: 220kg
Work mode: auto-height keeping, auto-heading control, auto-depth keeping, hovering & manual operation
Communication: high-speed underwater acoustic communication, underwater telephone & VHF
Item Type Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model Brief Length: 141.7mm Width: 44.4mm
Total Parts 40+
Total Sprues 4 sprues and hull
More Features pre painted model kit
snap kit