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New!  707332 1:72 Chinese SHEN HAI YONG SHI Manned Submersible
707332 1:72 Chinese SHEN HAI YONG SHI Manned Submersible



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Retail Price: $28.50
Scale: 1/72
Shipping: June

Product Code: 707332

707332 1:72 Chinese SHEN HAI YONG SHI Manned Submersible

Launched in 2009, SHEN HAI YONG SHI is characterized by 95% localization rate, low-cost running, high reliability and maintainability. With the maximum diving depth of 4534m, it was accepted and delivered in 2017. The annual average number of its dives exceeds 100 per year. It creates a lot of domestic ‘firsts’ such as continuous dives, night dives and joint operations of multiple submersibles, accomplishing pioneering missions such as deep-sea salvage and archaeological excavation. Its operation and maintenance capability has been among the international advanced ranks.
Maximum operating depth: 4500m
Principal dimension: 8.0Χ3.0Χ3.5(m)
Weight in air: 20t
Passenger: 1 pilot, 2 scientists
Life support: 12hr(normal),72hr(emergency)
Speed: 1 knot(cruising), 2.5 knots (maximum)
Power: lithium battery, approx. 100kwh
Payload: 220kg
Work mode: auto-height keeping, auto-heading control, auto-depth keeping, hovering & manual operation
Communication: high-speed underwater acoustic communication, underwater telephone &VHF
Item Type Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model Brief Length: 130.5mm Width: 41.7mm
Total Parts 30+
Total Sprues 3 sprues and hull
More Features pre painted model kit
snap kit