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New!  705349 1/350 Italian Heavy Cruiser Gorizia
705349 1/350 Italian Heavy Cruiser Gorizia

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Scale: 1/350

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Gorizia in Otto Group Orland o shipyard started on March 17, 1930, launchedon December 28, 1930, and be completed by December 23, 1931. Zara class heavycruiser ship for number 3. After the completion of Gorizia incorporated into thesecond cruiserdetachments, December 31, 1934, transferred to the cruiser detachment. Thereafter until 1940, Italyentered the war, Gorizia has been in the squad. From 1936 to 1937 during the Spanish Civil War, Gorizia activities in Spanish waters. Gorizia in August and September 1941 to participate in intercept the British meat Action and the " Halberd action ", at the same time cover the communication linesin North Africa in December 1941 and March 1942 were involved in the first times and second Siirt Bay naval battle. later, in June to participate in the intercept British army "Harpoon action s" and "stron gaction " involved in the intercept "bearing action inAugust September 9, because the Italian government to Allied surrender while the Germans control.June 26, 1944, the United Kingdom and Italy combinedcommand os sneak into LaSpezia and sunk her.

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