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Retail Price: $144.98
Scale: HO, N, Z
Brand: MRC

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Product Code: 0001200

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We all know DCC gives you many more features, especially getting the sounds and other features built into new decoder equipped locos.

So you are interested in DCC but afraid to take the plunge?

  • Worried DCC is too complex to understand?
  • Do not want the expense and toil to convert your roster of non-decoder equipped locos?
  • Not too technically savvy?
  • DCC systems are too expensive

We have heard this all too often from our customers. So we developed a system for people with these same concerns.

Our Tech 6 Unit can operate either a standard DC loco or a decoder equipped loco…and more.

MRC Tech 6 can operate locos that are not decoder equipped and they run on DC power just like you have been doing with your power pack. Get precise throttle control, momentum (adjustable, but we will get to this later) and forward and reverse control.

But here is where it gets really interesting.

Simply press the mode button on the Tech 6. The unit’s red light comes on.

Place a Decoder equipped loco on the track, move your throttle and off you go.

  • Press the direction button and you are going in reverse
  • Simply press button #1 and you will hear the loco’s bell
  • Press # 2 and listen for the horn or whistle.
  • Press 0 and lights will turn on or off.
  • So now any decoder equipped loco will provide the diesel rumble or steam chuff coordinated with the speed, and you will be controlling lights, bell and horn all with simple 1 touch operation for each feature you wish to use. Very Simple!!
  • You can adjust how fast the loco accelerates or how much time it takes to decelerate, also change the start voltage and the top end voltage. Remember when you make these adjustments it works, whether you are using a non-decoder equipped loco or decoder equipped loco.
  • Your decoder controlled loco will have other unique sounds included, depending on the decoder manufacturer’s features. Most modern decoders have 28 sounds or features. You can access all 28 of these functions simply. All you do is to press the number and you hear the sound or operate the feature. Wow So Easy…
  • You can also grow with your Tech 6. As you become more familiar with DCC you can change the settings in your decoder. These are called CVs and yes, your tech 6 can handle this as well. And do it without too much fuss.

Now, remember, you are only running 1 loco at a time….


If you wish to get a bit more sophisticated, you can do tons more.

Add a walkaround throttle (Tech 6 Walkaround) that gives you mobility and the ability to run up to 6 locos on the track at the same time. Simply hit the P button and the # 1 key for the first loco you put on the track. Then put another loco on the track, press the P button, the #2 key and you will have two engines running on the same track. Not hard at all is it?

Features include:

  • 2 amp capacity (Perfect for "HO" scale)
  • Mode switch selects between analog Standard DC or Dual for operating DCC decoder equipped locos
  • Smooth linear motor control in either mode
  • In Dual Mode - Full 28 N.M.R.A. functionality lets you access all your locos have to offer

***Optional Extension Plate*** Extension plates can add extended range by wiring them around your layout. Please see item 0001501.

*Three Year Limited Warranty – Please see instruction manual for details.