What does MRC Prodigy‘s WiFi Module do? It allows you to run your Prodigy DCC railroad wirelessly from your Apple® or Android™ smartphone or other mobile device*.

What do I need? Start with an MRC-Prodigy DCC system. Buy the MRC Prodigy WiFi Module (#0001530). Download the WiThrottle or Engine Driver App to your smartphone and you’re ready to run.

What don’t I need with a Prodigy WiFi Module? Unlike other systems, only MRC delivers plug’n play simplicity. There’s no wiring needed. No need to navigate complex, JMRI® software. No need for a computer interface. No need for a Bluetooth® connection. No need for a home network to run your layout.

How does it work? Just plug the MRC module into any handheld jack on your Prodigy system. It creates its own local Wi-Fi network to run your railroad and transforms your smartphone into a wireless throttle. The module acts as an interface between the two most popular smartphone apps: WiThrottle for iPhone®, iPod®, iPod Touch® available on the App Store; Engine Driver® for Android™ devices, available on Google Play™

Prodigy™ WiFi Module
What can I do with my smartphone using the MRC Prodigy WiFi Module? You’ll be able to operate your railroad and switches… and more. Depending on which Prodigy system you use, you can: ● Control train speed, direction, sound, lighting and functions F0-F28 ● Handle long and short addresses ● Adjust throttle sensitivity for over the road running or yard work ● Create and store rosters with customized function labels ● Advanced Features Include: operating accessories including lighted accessories, throwing track switches, creating universal consists … and more. You’ll even be able to display two throttles on a single smartphone to control two locos at the same time

How many operators can use it simultaneously? Invite friends to run on your railroad… all they need to bring is their smartphones. Once the appropriate app is downloaded, each phone becomes a wireless throttle. Run up to eight smartphones on a single module.

What "Cab Number" should my MRC Prodigy WiFi Module be set to? Your MRC Prodigy WiFi Module, has a factory default cab #2, as your MRC Prodigy system handheld has a default cab #1. If you wish to add more handhelds or modules, you will need to set each unit to its own cab number.

Am I limited to specific brands of locos or decoders? No. MRC’s WiFi Module works with any brand loco, any brand decoder.

What’s the wireless range? More than 90 ft. And unlike Bluetooth®, our Wi-Fi system will work through tunnels, and isn’t impeded by obstacles in the home,
Who should buy an MRC WiFi Module? If you’re using a wired Prodigy system, our WiFi Module will give you untethered, wireless control. If you are considering buying a DCC system, choose Prodigy and enjoy the wireless smartphone advantages of our WiFi Module. If you presently own a Prodigy system, add the benefits and enjoyment of wirelessly controlling your railroad from your smartphone.

We didn’t invent smartphone control of a model railroad, we just perfected it. Made it convenient. Made it easy to use. Gave it more features, including plug ‘n play simplicity.

*iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
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