Current Library of Train Sounds & Horns

Blowing Our Own Horn… depending on the MRC diesel decoder you choose for your specific loco, you’ll find up to 21 different horns available. Diesel Horn Sound Names: On CV50
0) Generic Horn #1, 1) Leslie RS3B, 2) Leslie S25 Single Chime, 3) Leslie Tyfon A125 (247 RA) Single Chime, ruptured diaphragm, 4) Leslie Tyfon A125 (247 RA) Single Chime, 5) Leslie S3J, 6) Nathan K3L, 7) Nathan P3, 8) Nathan P5A, 9) Leslie RS5T, 10) Prime 990, 11) Nathan K12, 12) Wabco 2 chime, 13) Wabco B7-21, 14) Leslie S3B, 15) Leslie RS5T (Second version), 16) Nathan K3L, 17) Generic Horn #2, 18) Leslie A200, 19) Nathan P3 (Second version), 20) Leslie S25, 21) Leslie A125?

You’ll note, there are a couple we identify as generic. If you recognize them please email us at
[email protected] we’d appreciate it

Prime Mover
Suitable For :
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SD39, SD40, SD40A, SD40-2, SD40T-2, SD45, SDP45, SD45X, SD45-2, SD45T-2, F45, FP45, DDA40X, GP15T, GP39, GP39-2, GP40, GP40-2


SW1000, SW1001, SW1500, SW1504, MP15DC, MP15AC, MP15T, GP38, GP38-2, SD38, SD38-2, GP15AC, GP15-1
SD60 Series, SD70 Series, SD75 Series, GP59, GP60 Series, SD80, SD90
ALCO 244
RS-2, RS-3, RS10, RSD4, RSD5, PA1, PB1, PA2, PB2, FA1, FA2, FB1, FB2


S-2, S-4, RS-1, RSC-1, RSD-1, DL-105, DL-107, DL-108, DL-109, DL-110


F2A/B, F3A/B, F7A/B, F9A/B, BL1, BL2, FP7, FL9, FT, GP7, GP9, GP18, GP28, E6, E7, E8, E9, NW2, NW3, NW4, SW1, SW7, SW8, SW9, SW600, SW900, SW1200