MRC DC Power

MRC DC train controls include units for beginner, intermediate and advanced railroaders, with a price point to meet all budgets. The selection includes controls for just about every popular scale. Among our selection are advanced Tech 4s featuring patented control technology.

0001201 Tech 6 Sound Controller 6.0
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Ready to take your model railroading to the next level, but you’re not in the market for DCC? Select one of MRC's Tech 4 units

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DC Power

For all DC scales and all railroading budgets
MRC's DC train controls offer a wide choice of features and price points to satisfy your layout and budget. Whether you're running HO, N, TT, G, Z or another DC scale, there's an MRC train control and sound system for your railroad.

Tech 7…  Power, Performance and Realistic Control

Tech 7 is our newest and most powerful DC train control series. It features Accutec Technology and enhanced slow speed circuitry. Together, they assure authentic response from your locos and pinpoint control of your railroad. Select the Tech 7 model with the features and price that best matches your needs.


Tech 6... There's No other DC Pack Like It

Ready to bring your layout to life with sound equipped locos, but not yet ready for DCC?  Consider MRC's Tech 6 DC train control.  This powerful unit controls your railroad, and by simply using the pack's numbered keypad, you can unleash all the onboard sounds and lighting functions "trapped" in most sound-equipped locos.   If you don't have a sound-equipped loco, buy an MRC sound decoder, install it in your loco and Tech 6 will deliver all its sounds.

Newcomers Dilemma… if you’re a new hobbyist ready to jump into model railroading, but you’re not sure whether to go DC or DCC take a look at Prodigy Explorer. it allows you to bypass conventional DC power packs and go directly to enjoying the advantages of DCC.  Moderately priced and easy for the beginner to use, it delivers a long list of benefits.

Massive Power, Maximum Control
Among MRC's DC offerings are a group of units delivering massive power and maximum control. These High Power systems include the Power G boasting a huge 10amps of output to power your garden railroad.

For Your Layout's First Taste of Realism
If you're just getting started, our Railpower series can be your first step to increased realism for N, HO, TT and Z scales. Available at an amazing price.


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