1/32 Scale NINCO Slot Cars

MRC and NINCO take slots
from ho hum to wahooo.

These aren't your father's slots...
just about everything about them is different. These are highly detailed, 1/32 scale slot cars, with painted and Tampo printed artwork & decals and a clear-coat, glossy finish.

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NINCO XLOT 1:28 scale Slot Racing - Pro-level all metal, fully adjustable chassis, 27,500 rpm motor - designed for 1:32 scale tracks. Awesome!!

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1/32 Scale NINCO Slot Cars

The Ultimate Slot Car System

These aren't your father's slots. just about everything about them is different. These are highly detailed, 1/32 scale slot cars, with painted and Tampo printed artwork & decals and a clear-coat, glossy finish.


The exclusive, high-grip, EASYCLIP track system can be adapted to other 1/32 slot car brands. the cars will also run on virtually any 1/32 scale and larger track system.

Popular car categories include Rally/RAID GT/Endurance, Classics, and Off-road. There are dozens of cars to choose from and new ones are added regularly.



Most sets are complete with two cars, two controllers, power supply, track & guardrails. Most have enough track to build various layouts. Extension sets allow you to go as big and as

daring as you can handle.

Our Big Mastertrack is a professional race circuit designed to fit on a 5' x 9' plywood board using maximum track footage.

N-Digital is professional racing at its best. Race up to 8 cars simultaneously.


A wide selection of accessories adds excitement and versatility, including high power racing motors and tires for road or track. There are lap counters and hand controllers featuring programmable speed and brake settings. And of course, a complete assortment of spare OEM and hop up parts. all from NINCO, the world's leader in 1/32nd slot technology.


N-Digital Product Information Page - check it out!!!


N-Digital Information available direct from NINCO!
There's a new NINCO website with a question/answer game about the new N-Digital slot car system. Try it! You can play as many times as you like....the questions are random. Have Fun and good luck!!

NINCO'S ProRace Components... these professional, hi-performance spare parts are compatible with virtually all slot cars and all brands. Designed for intense competition, they utilize cutting-edge materials and technology.

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Club Cars are only available to NINCO Club Members, and any Club Member with a USA address can purchase these exclusive Club Cars from Model Rectifier Corporation (MRC) for a very special price. All prices include shipping. New Jersey residents must pay 7% sales tax.



Want to see the factory in Spain & see how Ninco products are made?

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2014 NINCO Catalog

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Within 90 days from date of purchase, manufacturer will repair at its expense any product proven defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials. Manufacturer will repair said product without charge for necessary parts or labor. If the product can not be repaired, it will be replaced with another product of equal or greater value. This warranty only extends to the original purchaser. Warranty repairs must be returned freight prepaid, with original dated receipt of purchase. Repair/replacement of Items outside of the official warranty period will be decided on a case-by-case basis.


N-Digital Car Programming NINCO Screensavers & Wallpapers:
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Uncased N-Digital chip installation

Special Product News for N-Digital chips

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Axle-Tire size chart    
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