The largest selection, unmatched realism AND patented

JTT Scenery Products is one of the world’s leading makers of handcrafted, miniature trees and landscaping materials for model railroad layouts, dioramas and craft projects. JTT offers hobbyists the widest variety of tree species and sizes on the market. Our realistic foliage is light, airy and defined, not clumped together as on ordinary scale trees. JTT offers ready-to-plant trees as well as kits.

JTT Premium Trees
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JTT SCENERY PRODUCTS                                            

Only Mother Nature Makes Better Trees



JTT makes  the world’s finest miniature trees and landscaping products
for use in hobby scenes, craft projects, dioramas, model railroads, architectural landscaping, miniature film sets and other scale, scenic landscapes and displays.


JTT Scenery Products encompass a broad selection

of realistically scaled Trees. In addition, they have put

their skills and creativity to work developing Flowers

& Plants, Landscaping Ground Covers that include Ballast, Gravel, Rocks, Grass Mats, Turf Coverings, Chopped Leaves, Poly Fiber Strands, Foliage Clusters and Field Grass; Wire Foliage Branches are also part of the collection.

We made a better tree

Our reputation for realism was built first on our superb Trees. They are divided into:
Pro-Elite Series
, Professional Series, Premium Series and Super Scenic Series
Each series is available in a variety of seasonal colors, shapes, sizes and species.
These are the world’s finest miniature trees. You won’t find clumps of leaves, one dimensional plastic branches or lackluster colors. Everything about them says “real.”

  • Patented manufacturing process
  • Wide variety of species… more than 60 in all
  • All trees are handcrafted
  • Plentiful branches and fine, airy foliage


Beyond Trees… Architectural Model Products

In use by architects, set designers and movie studios around the globe, as well as by modelers and crafts experts, our Architectural Model Parts offer a variety of materials, patterns and choices.


These carefully designed parts save time and add believability to buildings, streetscapes, and just about any architectural scene.

Selection includes Plastic Pattern Sheets, Urban Scale Micro Trees, Plain Automobiles, Plain Human Figures, Plain Light Poles and Model Skylights.



JTT 2014 Catalog



JTT Premium Series Leaflet




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