Hirobo Scale Models make it easy and fun

Hughes 500D demo flight (40.0MB .wmv)

You’re enticed by their stunning good looks and authenticity. But building a scale model always seemed out of reach. Everything had to be bought separately, then painstakingly built and painted from scratch. Not any more.

Easy-to-build... select a pre-painted model and you’ll find it’s already primed, painted and prepped. Drill holes line up precisely and the mechanics slip into the fuselage without fuss.


Make your dreams come true with Hirobo’s RC Scale Helicopters... The realism of Hirobo’s RC scale helicopters is as close as most RC fliers will ever get to controlling the real thing. Whether you picture yourself in combat behind the controls of a Tow Cobra, Super Cobra or twin rotor Chinook, or piloting a sleek Dauphin2, Hirobo RC helicopters have the scale realism and performance you need to make your radio control dreams come true.

Select from nearly fifty magnificent models. Choose a pre-painted model and you’ll find it’s primed and painted and the mechanics fit precisely. Modelers tell us that even our most intricate scale models assemble as easily as a pod and boom sport heli. There are also unpainted models you can customize to your liking, or kits with color already molded in. For a more complete solution, Hirobo offers scale models with mechanics ranging from 30-size on up to 1/5 scale. And each flies as good as it looks.

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