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A Passion for Precision

Academy’s military collection is among the best in the world featuring hundreds of models. Aircraft are available in 1/32, 1/48, 1/72, and 1/144 scales. And a huge assortment of armor & accessories in 1/25, 1/48 and 1/72 scales.

Academy’s fleet of ships and warships run the gamut from battleships and aircraft carriers to a stunningly realistic Titanic. Academy's fleet is available in most wanted scales: 1/150, 1/350, , 1/250, 1/350, 1/200, 1/160, 1/400, 1/720, 1/800.

If aircraft are your passion, Academy’s selection is sure to take you on a magic carpet ride with icons like the WWI Sopwith Camel, WWII prop driven fighters like the F4F-4 Wildcat and modern military jets including the latest two seat F/A-18D. Academy’s collection includes an assortment of awesomely detailed military helicopters.






Accurate Miniatures, a brand revered for the detail and depth of their 1/48 WWII fighters as well as 1/72 scale aircraft, is now available under the MRC banner. The selection also includes a 1/100 scale assorted fighters' package complete with display stands.





MRC is in the process of closing out our Italeri inventory.



...where innovation is always at work

Our innovative selection creates new possibilities

At MiniArt, we take great pride in our choice of subject matter. You won’t find run-of-the-mill kits. We select subject matter that has never been done in plastic or has never been done to our extraordinarily high standards for quality and accuracy.


Quality beyond the ordinary
In creating tanks, armored vehicles and artillery, we cut no corners. Photo etched parts are used liberally to highlight details rarely exposed in other kits. Accessories, like ammo boxes, artillery shells, oil drums, even small pails, are perfect. And where else will you find instructions in color to help you navigate finishing touches?

Only life’s figures are more convincing
As part of our molding process, many of our figures are first sculptured by an artisan adept at capturing each facial crease and anatomical detail. . At times, you’ll even be able to discern nationalities by the crop of the hair, the jut of the jaw, and facial expressions.

1/35 Diorama Seriesthe first diorama collection in plastic

1/35 Building & Accessories Seriesprecision kits with scenes not available elsewhere

1/35 WWII Military Miniatures Seriesunique choices, unparalleled quality

1/72 Historical Miniatures Seriesin plastic, 4th through 15th century architecture and figures never before available

1/16 Historical Figure Seriesfrom classical antiquity through 20th century, subject matter made in plastic for the first time.



UAVs... They're in the News,

Now Put Them in Your Collection.



Partnering with PLATZ Company Limited, MRC is helping to pioneer a new sub-category in plastic model kits … 1/72 scale Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. This line of topical, unmanned reconnaissance/weapons platforms are fun and easy to build. Remarkably realistic when assembled, they feature precision molding and world renowned Cartograph decals. 

Kits include:

Predator RQ-1A, the first multi-purpose, practical UAV for the USAF; Predator MQ-1A a reconnaissance aircraft later developed to also carry two Hellfire or Stinger missiles; Predator MQ-1B (L version); and the latest addition to the line, the RQ-4B Global Hawk, that saw action in Afghanistan and Iraq and most recently surveyed the crippled nuclear plants in Japan. It features a 21.8” wingspan and a detailed fuselage.




A series of fully-assembled, hand-painted, museum quality collectibles

Have you ever seen a magnificent built-up plastic model and wished that for just once you could own it without having to assemble, paint and detail it? And wouldn’t it be great if the model was part of a collectible series? It’s all here in Easy Model’s 1/72 scale fighter planes and tanks and armor in 1/72 and 1/144 scale.







When completed, this 1/12 scale Mercury Capsule is more than two feet high, filled with interior and exterior detail and includes a lifelike astrounaut figure.


How about adding some JTT Scenery Products with your plastic model kits display to make your scene more realistic!

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